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Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 13th update

Reporte sobre la salud de Laura Laparra
Jueves 13 de marzo 2014
No he publicado nada últimamente porque no he tenido suficiente información para compartir con ustedes. Como dijimos, el proceso de recuperación será lento. Sanar de un trauma cerebral severo, como lo está haciendo Laura, es una maratón, no una carrera corta, como bien nos recordó un amigo.
Laura está bien, definiendo bien como sanando, agradecidos de que lo está haciendo con muy pocas complicaciones. Tiene una parálisis en un lado de la cara pero puede hablar y hay una posibilidad de que la parálisis desaparezca a medida que sane el tejido y los nervios en el cerebro. Aún tiene un tubo para alimentarse en su estómago, pero ya puede comer por sí misma. Probablemente lo remuevan en 2 semanas.
Laura puede caminar con una caminadora, aunque como podrán imaginarse esta muy débil y frágil. Laura está siendo monitoreada por especialistas y tendrá que realizar extensas terapias. Su mente está funcionando perfectamente y su sentido del humor no ha cambiado.
Hoy tuvo la oportunidad de visitar la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos en el Hospital Maricopa Medical Center en Phoenix, y agradecer personalmente a las personas que salvaron su vida. Fue maravilloso y muy emotivo. Ellos no podían creer lo mucho que ha progresado.
Los padres de Laura aún están aquí. Ellos vinieron desde Costa Rica. Ellos están a su lado cuidándola. Son unos angeles, los amamos. No habían visto a Laura desde hacía 4 años, por lo que a pesar de las dificultades, este es un tiempo muy especial para ellos. Un maravilloso empleado de US Airways hizo los arreglos para traerlos inmediatamente después del accidente. Estamos muy agradecidos con este caballero.
Por favor sigan orando por Laura. Ella tiene un largo camino por delante y necesita sus oraciones continuamente. Laura les envía a todos su amor y agradecimiento.

I haven't posted for a while because I just haven't had enough information for you. As we said, this will be a very slow recovery. Healing from severe brain trauma, like Laura's, is a marathon, not a sprint -- as a friend reminded us.

Laura is doing well - "well" is defined as Laura is healing, with thankfully very few complications. Her trach hole is finally healing and closing – that's been a worry. She has paralysis on one side of her face, but she can talk, and there's a chance the paralysis may go away as the brain tissue and nerve endings heal. She still has a feeding tube in her stomach, although she is able to eat. It looks like that may be removed in a couple of weeks.

Laura can walk with a walker, although she is very weak and still very fragile, as you can imagine. But she is seeing specialists and will be doing extensive therapy. Her mind is extremely alert, and her sense of humor is very much intact!

Today, she had the opportunity to visit ICU at the Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, and say thanks to the people who saved her life. It was emotional and wonderful. They couldn't believe her progress!

Laura's parents are still here from Costa Rica. They are at her side and are taking great care of her. Laura's parents are angels; we all love them so much. They had not seen Laura for four years, so this is a very special time for them, although a difficult one. A wonderful employee of US Airways was able to arrange "buddy passes" for Laura's parents, so they could come immediately after the accident. Much gratitude to that gentleman.

Please keep praying for Laura. She has a long road ahead, and she needs your continued prayers. She sends immense thanks and love to all.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Silent Auction Begins!

I am so very excited to announce this GILBERT TEMPLE PRINTS SILENT AUCTION!!! We've had two amazing photographers donate various prints of the new LDS Gilbert Temple in order to raise funds for Laura! If you would like to bid on one or all of these beautiful prints, please GO TO THE FOLLOWING BLOG and ENTER with your name and Bid Amount on the appropriate picture post! All bidding will start at $50/each. The auction details and rules will be on the blog. It runs until March 18th!!!! Please visit this site today to ENTER to win! Please try and not bid or comment on this post. Only comments made on the blog will be considered official entries. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!! Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this post with others!

Temple3 BlueSky

Photographer: Jamie Johnson

Temple 2 Sunset Pink

the artist name will not be on the print.

Temple 1 Daytime Glow

the artist name will not be on the print.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gilbert Temple Prints Auction Begins!

Garage Sale... A HUGE Success!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  We are amazed by your generous contributions of items to be sold as well as supporting the sale, by buying many items, baked goods and donating funds.  We were overwhelmed by the love, generosity and giving spirit of everyone around.  SO many hours of service in setting up, selling and cleaning up were donated as well.    Thousands of dollars were raised and all the funds will all be doubled through a generous donor.  Hopefully, this will alleviate financial burdens of the Laparra's so they are able to focus on what is most important.   The LaParra's are so loved!  It was incredible how many people donated time, items and money in their support.  Thank you again!

Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Estamos maravillados por las generosas donaciones que recibimos tanto de cosas y comida para vender, como de dinero. Por supuesto agradecidos con todos los que vinieron a comprar. No sobrecoge el amor, la generosidad y el espíritu de ayuda de todos los que participaron. También muchas horas de servicio preparando, vendiendo y limpiando fueron donadas. Logramos reunir miles de dólares que serán duplicados por un generoso donante. Esperamos que esto alivie las finanzas de la familia Laparra y les permita enfocarse en lo más importante. Todos aman a la familia Laparra! Fue maravilloso ver la forma en que tanta la gente dono su tiempo, pertenencias y dinero para apoyarlos. De nuevo GRACIAS! El mejor cierre para un día como este fue que Laura regreso a CASA el sábado por la tarde para continuar su rehabilitación desde allí. Que gozo fue verla regresar a casa!

The crowning jewel to this entire day was that Laura returned HOME Saturday afternoon to continue her rehabilitation from home.  What a joy it was to watch her come home!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 5

Reporte sobre la salud de
Jueves 6 de marzo

La foto muestra el momento en que Laura y su hija de 7 años se reencontraron finalmente. Una escena enternecedora.

Laura está en un hospital de rehabilitación y tiene sesiones de terapias cada día. Esta comenzando a hablar aún cuando sufre de una parálisis facial. Puede usar sus piernas y brazos pero aún debe utilizar una silla de ruedas.

Neal A. Maxwell dijo: "más cosas de las que el mundo puede imaginar suceden a causa de la oración". Una gran verdad, especialmente en este caso. Cuán hermoso ejemplo de amistad y del poder de la oración.
Nuevos amigos que ni siquiera conocen a la familia Laparra. Sepan que ellos les aman.

Por favor sigan orando por esta familia tan maravillosa y por la recuperación de Laura.

Por favor recuerden ir a comprar al Garage Sale este Sábado en el 8104 E Peralta Ave, Mesa, AZ, 95212
Un generoso donador ha ofrecido igualar los fondos al 100%!

Gracias a todos por su amor y oraciones!

This photo shows Laura finally being able to hold her seven-year-old. Tender reunion.

Laura is in a rehab center and works with therapists everyday. She is starting to be able to talk, although she still has facial paralysis on one side. She has some use of her arms and legs, but she is still in a wheelchair.

Neal A Maxwell once said that "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."

How true that is, especially in this case. What a beautiful example of the power of prayer and of friendship - some new friends who don't even know the LaParra's personally. You are all so very loved by the Laparra family. 

Please keep praying for this incredible family as Laura continues healing.

And don't forget about the yard sale this Saturday at 8104 E. Peralta Ave., Mesa, AZ 85212. If possible, please stop by and show your support. A generous donor has offered to match the funds raised by 100%! How generous and kind!

Thanks to all for your love and prayers.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Garage Sale and Bake sale March 8th in Arizona

If you are able to help, donate or even just come shopping please stop by the garage sale at 8104 E Peralta, Saturday from 6 am-1.  Here is a list of things that we need help with if you are able

I spoke with regional director Dan Ferrin with Modern Woodmen/Fraternal Financial Services Organization today. This is the group that is matching the donations of this garage sale. He had great news for us, he was able to arrange for 2 regions to match and donate funds which allows for the amount matched to be upwards of $5000 which is double the original offer. I feel so blessed to be a part of this entire process, its amazing to see the good people have within them! I was handed a $10 bill from a women who was just chatting with her neighbor about the garage sale and why she was donating the items so her neighbor ran into her home and grabbed the money and offered it as a donation. TRULY AMAZING!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 1 - moved from the hospital into the rehabilitation center

She was here exactly for 3 weeks! Now into a Rehabilitation Hospital!

Estuvo aqui exactamente 3 semanas! Ahora al Hospital de Rehabilitacion!