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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Laura's Life changes in a split second

Gilberto's description on the February 8, 2014 (Written on Feb 14, 2014)

My dear friends, words cannot express how I feel…. I haven’t been able to see your comments until now as I am at peace by the bedside of my princess. I read them out loud to Laura so that we can go pass through this trial together. 

I am touched to see the heartfelt and sincere expressions from all of you. Thank you to my friends in Arizona, from my beautiful Guatemala, from friends from Kindergarten, from Monte Maria, from High School and College, friends from my childhood and youth, and to all of those who have come in contact with my family. Thank you to my beautiful and dear family from Costa Rica, friends and sincere acquaintances from that beautiful country that know Laura and by beautiful princesses [daughters]. 

I know that some of you are confused as to what happened and I wish for all of you to know exactly what occurred and how my princess is doing. 

Last Saturday seemed like a normal beautiful day, in the morning Laura and Priscilla cleaned the house inside while my beautiful princesses Pamela and Shannon helped me in the front yard, cutting the grass and cleaning up the flowerbeds, later on we washed the car and then ate together as a family. A few hours later we drove downtown as a family to buy a ukulele for Pamela for which she had saved up for and Shannon helped her out with a little bit of money to make up the difference. I remember that there was a stage and Laura asked me to sing from it, after some encouragement to oblige, I sang her a song from Maná that she likes. 

Later that afternoon we arrived home and asked Pamela to watch Priscilla so that we could go to the Gilbert Temple to complete our volunteer assignment as a couple. We knew that Shannon was at a special school function. Saturday afternoon was very beautiful and we parked on the corner directly across from the Gilbert Temple. We walked to the corner on the North side of the street and began crossing the street from West to East. Just before reaching the opposite curb I realized that 2 cars in the center of the intersection were about to crash and I sensed it was dangerous for us to be there because either car could spin off in any direction. I pulled Laura by the hand and all of the sudden one of the cars ripped her away from me and forced me in the opposite direction…thrown to the ground I ran to search for her and I found her under one of the cars. I stood up and screamed with all of my strength that someone help me to move the car. Two people came to my aide and somehow we moved the car…. Upon seeing her so beat up, I felt that I had lost her and I yelled to call 911, several people held me back to calm me down and one man approached stating that he was a doctor, I tried to get myself under control and I asked everyone to step aside so that I could give Laura a blessing… I approached her and gave her a blessing…the paramedics took her away and my heart feared the worst, they checked out my back and took me in another ambulance, my mind was overwhelmed in thinking that I had lost her and my entire being was filled with an inexplicable pain. My friends began arriving [at the hospital] and give me comfort and 4 hours later I was given notice that she was still alive but on the brink of death. 

In this moment, Laura is still in a very fragile state in a medically induced coma to control the swelling in her brain. The doctor told me the day after the accident that she was still very fragile and anything could occur, he said that with a little bit of luck everything would turn out well, but with a little bit of bad luck we could lose her. He stated that if she does recover she would surely have facial paralysis together with a few other serious consequences…. Never in my life have I prayed with such intensity and with every fiber of my being, I cry out to God to strengthen my faith, which has been debilitated. 

In the past three days God has answered my prayers, my faith has been strengthened and is strong…. So how has all of this been possible? Through you my dear friend, through your prayers of love towards myself and my beautiful princess. I can feel the strength and faith from many of you, I know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind and that he died for us, I know that families are eternal and that miracles exist through our faith. A huge thanks to each of you for your empathy and concern. 

Sincerely Gilberto 
(Laura is squeezing my hand)

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